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HGV's & LGV's

Over the years we have built a whole variety of heavy goods vehicles for numerous companies. Below are a just a few examples of the projects we have untaken, for many more photographs please visit our photo gallery.
HGV's & LGV's The Iveco Stralis 6x2 was one of our more recent projects. When we acquired the vehicle from a ceramic tile hauler company, it was brand new and therefore only in chassis form. The company would be transporting heavy pallets of tiles, making it essential for the body to be resilient to heavy point loadings, we added extra cross-bearers and support to the bed to make it more robust. The truck body was constructed from 17mm GRP incorporating Whiting Wide Slat Shutters and a Dhollandia 2 Ton Cantilever Tailift.
HGV's & LGV's The vehicle pictured above was designed and built by us for transporting explosives used for blasting quarries in the middle east. The truck needed to be spark resident to protect the explosive materials from ignition.